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yeye!sy kene tag!
Thursday, December 17, 2009 | 9:47 PM | 0 Sweet Cupcake

sankiu-ne to izati-chan sbb meng-TAG sayeh..


Bold the statements that ARE true to you . Italicize the statements that you WISH were true . Leave the fibs alone . Then , tag 5 people to do the same test .

I'm 170cm tall< ----------> tinggi sgt 2...

I dont know what i want at the moment<--------> aku nk mcm2 sekarang..

Im not happy<---------> sikit la..

I hate my life <-------> aku masih bersyukur dgn kehidupan ini.

I hate my friends <---------> takkan untuk selame2nye..dorg lah nyawe ke-2 aku..

I hate my grades <--------> hope,taon depan dpt 4 flat je..

I can drive <-------> yup!totally..

Im bored of driving <-------->betul juge.penat la drive.lebih suke org yg drivekan..hahahha..

I have a white handbag <---------> belum ade.n kalo ade,aku pasti da berubah wane la...

I love dancing <---------> bajet betul..muahhahha..

I go clubbing every week<---------> nauzubillah

Shopping is bullshit <--------> not 4 sumeone like me.oke!

I have a tattoo of a star <------->star??ape barang..

I got my navel pierced <--------->apekah soalan ni bertanyakan???

I have friends that take drugs <-------> nope.tp dorg kdg2 mmg mcm amik dadah gak la.hahhaha..

90% of my friends smoke <--------> hurm..1 pon xde kot..I HATE SMOKER !!

I still hangout with my ex, eventhough our break up was rather nasty <--------->ex?tutup buku oke!

Im studying fashion <--------> tyme kecik dulu,aku selalu design baju tuk patung aku.mmg minat nk jd designer,tp....

I have a bussiness running <--------> da stop da..

I hate cartoons <--------> suke oo same katun..golak-golak den bilo tengok..

I hate someone <------> saye seorang manusia biasa..

I have 10 lolipops handbags <-------> suke.tp t org banyak commnt la..so,mimpi2 je la kak..

I buy CLEO every month <-------> sbb suke sgt tgk fasion.tp maleh nk boli..

My parents dont know about my blog <--------->ibu,ayah?hurm..ontah la..ngeee~

I have an ipod <----------> mcm nk la an..

I dont have faith in the current "one." <-------->soklan ni tnye ape??hohohoh...

My school mates know about my blog <--------> cmne dorg xtaw?pasti taw nye.aku kan femes.muahhahha..

I wanted to be a fashion designer<------> da cakap td oke!

I love rock emo bands <-----> maleh nk layan lagu2 ni...

I hate it when people cancel last minute meet ups <--------> boleh tahan la..

Im a rebel<-----> tidak akan..saya budak baik.. (^__^)

I dont believe in love <-------> certain situation...

High school's filled with drama <-------> betul2.drama air mate..

My parents have faith in me

I've bought shoes this month

A blogger bitched about me before

I hate sports

I heart italians food

I hate meeting new people

I hate nail polish

The mother bear gives me hugs

People should start appreciating me

High school was the worst time of my life

I have red hair

One Utama is my second home

Im a guy

Im scared of my Biology exam which im going to face tomorrow

I hate vacations

We'll last

i believe in a long distance relationship

Im going to get high and smoke weed one day soon

I've robbed an old lady

Im starting to start applying make-up

I was a tomboy

At times i think i still am a tomboy

I love bithcing about people behind their backs

I still have a bestfriend

I have a cat

I hate surprised parties

I hate planning parties

Im hot LOL

Im a sinner

I've got a DS Light

I have a WII

I can live without music<---> betul,betul,betul..

Video games are a waste of time<---->yela..sbb aku xsuke..

I miss the father bear<---->ape maksudnye ni??

I love being in love<----> sape xsuke kan,kan,kan...

I know how to cook<----> sudah tentu..

I have 100% freedom<-----> but,freedom will make me lost in my own world..

Boys are assholes<----> ontah la..yo kut??

I hate math<----->saye suke.tp math bese la..hooho..

Im happy with what i have<---->alhamdulilla

I love horror films<----->me??no la..aku akan ter-jerit-jerit..

I slept in my parent's room for 3 days after watching Scream when i was kid<---->hahaha..

My old friends keep in touch with me<-----> aku berharap begitu..

I dont read newspapers<----->kdg2 la xbce..

The news is such a waste of time<-----> kesah ke??

Blogging is a waste of time<-----> yeke?saye xrase begitu..

I hate animals<-----> ouh,no! saya pencinta haiwan oke!

I cant live without make-up<-----> mekup 2 xkesah sgt.

I curse like a pirate<----> ahhhaha..kejam kan??

Im happy with my 11 year old car<----->aku penah ke ade kete?

I hate people that are smart<-----.hahaha..bukan hate ape,tp hate sbb dorg smart dr aku..positive tuh oke!

I love Orange juice<----> for sure-lah...febret neh..

I cant drink for nuts<----->apekah maksudnya??

I believe that everyone in their teens have lost their virginity<------> like i care??

i want to tag these nice peeps:

1. shira
2. wanie
3. mimie
4. jujue
5. sape2 lah..hooho..